Great ways to Prevent Malware and Viruses







No one wants to deal with those nasty viruses and malware. Having your data corrupted and your hard disk rendered inoperable is the worst nightmare for any small business user. Imagine all those memories from old pictures being gone in an instant when viruses and malware attack your computer.

It is best to stop viruses and malware in their tracks before they wreak havoc. As they say, prevention is better than treatment, and in order to help you accomplish these preventive measure’s here are some of the best ways to prevent viruses and malware.

1. Use caution when opening emails coming from friends.

2. Make sure you have a trusted Anti-Virus software installed and up to date.

3. Perform weekly scans if you are a moderate computer user, if you use it a lot then you may want to increase to daily scans.

4. Use a firewall, whether it is windows or Linux native firewall or a hardware application.

Next time we will take a look at the best anti-virus software to install (free or paid)

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