Linux vs Windows


Which is better, who do we recommend? We say it depends on what you are trying to do but both have there ups and downs. Today we look at bundled software as one major difference between the two. Windows has major support on most of there products and it is usually fast and they get the job done most of the time. Windows is such a “resource hog”, it takes a lot of CPU, it takes a lot of memory to run all of the graphics that a windows machine has.

Bundled software is a major difference because Windows does not come with office (word, excel, PowerPoint, etc) it is something that you need to purchase separate which could drive up cost. Linux comes with Libre office suite, which is pretty much a equivalent of Microsoft Office. All of the built in Pre-installed drivers also sets the Linux OS apart from Windows. Microsoft office has mega features and is easy to use until you need to do something on a large scale.

Winner for Bundled software Linux.

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