Any backup is better than no backup

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Any one of the recommendations we have mentioned in the past is better than the alternative of not backing up at all, but as we said at the beginning, this isn’t a universal prescription.

When choosing your own backup strategy, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

Keep┬ádata by importance: If you have limited storage options for financial or geographical reasons, it’s better to lose half of your replaceable data than half of your irreplaceable data.

Have at least two different backups: Data corruption is equally as bad as outright data loss. Multiple backups will reduce the chances that all are affected by corruption at the same time. Keep one on a DVD or CD and keep a thumb drive handy, keep a fire proof box or keep offsite.

Make it as automatic as possible: We lead busy lives, and the more work a backup requires, the less likely it is to be done regularly.

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